Explore the Public Art in Marquette

Use our Public Art Directory to discover the outdoor sculptures, murals, windows, monuments and memorials within the City limits. All locations can be viewed from the street, sidewalk or other public locations. Look through the directory or visit our Outdoor Public Art Map to find out what’s near you. 

Explore the galleries of Marquette using Marquette First Thursdays Art Walk to chart your course.

The City of Marquette's Public Art Policy

The City of Marquette has recognized that including art in public places has numerous benefits – including to promote our area’s cultural heritage and artistic development, enhance the City’s character and identity, contribute to economic development and tourism, add warmth, dignity, beauty and accessibility to public spaces, and expand the experience and participation of citizens with the arts.

The City of Marquette has established a public art policy to create a Public Art Commission and make funding available to support the inclusion public art in the City’s public spaces.

*No City permits are needed for a public art mural on private property. Murals must not advertise the business within the building.
Questions? Consult with us on your privately developed Public Art project
Contact: (906)228-0472 or

Public Art is Fun for the Whole Family!

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Meet your Public Art Commission

The Marquette Public Art Commission (MPAC) works to enhance our community with art in public spaces across the City of Marquette. The seven-member Commission was established in 2017 with the passing of the City’s Public Art Policy (along with funding to support the inclusion of public works of art in the City) and is empowered to carry out the Marquette Public Art Policy. 

Primary responsibilities include to:

  • Provide a central point of contact for all phases of City owned public art – project planning, selection, creation, installation, and maintenance.
  • Advise and consult on behalf of privately developed public art projects within the City limits
  • Promote existing and planned works by building community awareness around public art.
  • Coordinate and assist potential donors and sponsors, in partnership with Friends of MPAC, to raise funds in support of public art.
  • Advocate for new opportunities to incorporate public works of art across the City.
  • Maintain a framework of guidelines for governing the City’s Public Art Policy.

Current Public Art Commission Members

  • Linnea Gustafson
  • Steven Hughes
  • Tracy Wascom
  • Kristina Behrens
  • Hannah Milkie
  • Lance Larson

Get Involved

Join MPAC: If you are a City Resident interested in shaping Public Art policy, apply to serve on the commission.

Research: Help us build up our City’s Public Art Directory. Each piece of public art has a story, help us tell it! Email to learn more.

Contribute: The City’s public art program is supported by Friends of Marquette Public Art. To give or join the committee, email

Upcoming Projects

Words to Live and Bike By (Summer 2023)

Kids Cove Dragonfly (2024)

Indigenous Public Art (2024)

Pier Benches (2024)

Concept art for the Kids Cove Playground for All

Completed Projects

Words to Live and Bike By

“Words to Live and Bike By” – temporary installation featuring a series of motivational words along the bike path, all designed and painted by various local artists and groups (2020).

The Queen City Courts project introduces art onto a local court’s playing surface to help increase park usage and attract players of all ages and levels of experience, from families to students and adults. The Marquette Public Art Commission commenced this project with the basketball court at South Marquette’s Hurley Field Park. 

After a rigorous jurying session and public feedback, MPAC chose “Fast Break” by Detroit-based artists Ivan Montoya and Joey Salamon as the winning design. “Fast Break” was installed in 2022.