The Deo Gallery is an ingredient of the City of Marquette’s Arts and Culture Center. This gallery is a part of the Public Gallery Program, a partnership between the City of Marquette Office of Arts and Culture and the Peter White Public Library to provide accessible and inclusive formal gallery spaces in public places.
The Deo gallery is sponsored by the Lake Superior Art Association, and features a bi-monthly exhibit of fine art.

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Current Exhibit

Portraits of Contradiction

Oil pastel portraits by Antony Aumann will be on display at the DEO Gallery through the end of September. The opening reception will occur Thursday, August 10th, from 6-8PM. An artist talk for this gallery will occur at 7pm.

Antony Aumann is an oil pastel artist working in Marquette, MI. He is also Professor of Philosophy at Northern Michigan University, and his teaching and research on existentialism and aesthetics inform his painting practice.

Pieces displayed left to right: Catcher of Dreams II, Boy Driving, Aubrey and Emmett.

The contradictions of humanity have long preoccupied me. In this exhibition, I delve into the tensions between inner turmoil and outer beauty that exist for many of us. My oil pastel portraiture explores these “disagreements,” rendering them by way of a parallel contrast between hard and soft materials. The artistic challenge lies in finding the right expression. It must capture both sides of the model’s experience: their justified agitation at the state of the world and their attempt to conceal it beneath the placid demeanor that society expects of them. The intended result is a challenging but not off-putting image, one with enough beauty in the play of light and shadow across face and fabric to draw in even the most phlegmatic viewer.

Past Exhibits:

Upcoming Exhibits

August/September 2023
Inner Turmoil, Outer Beauty: Portraits of Contradiction
Antony Aumann

October/November 2023
Carol Phillips & David Schmitt

December 2023/January 2024
Color Memories
Ginnie Cappaert

February/March 2024
U.P. Denizens and Debris
Michael Letts

April 2024
North Country Images, Oil Paintings
John Hubbard

May 2024
The High School Art Show
Marquette, Negaunee, Ishpeming, Gwinn, & Northstar Academy

June/July 2024 – Art Week 2024: Grow
The Bee Oracle Project
Ona Martin and Jackie Rushton

August/September 2024
Alchemize: On Bodies & Clay
Niikah Hatfield & Marissa Marquardson

October/November 2024
Lake Superior Art Association Curated Exhibit

December 2024/January 2025
Winter Work
Pier Wright