Power of Words: Natural

Artist: Mia Tavonatti

The Natural Mural is the tenth of a series of murals throughout the Upper Peninsula created by U.P. born artist Mia Tavonatti. The project was completed with help from supporting artists Tara Tavonatti, Michele Tuccini, Sabrina Langdon, Taryn Okesson, Emmalene Oysti and Patty Gagnon. The project was privately funded through Tavonatti’s Svelata Foundation, BeWell owners Kate Lewandowski & Christopher Ray, and community donations. The City’s Office of Arts & Culture assisted in coordination of the project.

Power of Words Project aims to inspire a community and help revitalize historic downtowns. Murals enrich a place and help give life and a voice to a town center. Each mural’s content is inspired through engaging the community. A word is chosen through public polls, discussions with a wide variety of groups within a community are held to help define what that word means to the local people. Reference photos and imagery are compiled from local photographers. Local artists are hired to help complete the actual mural. The public is engaged with the entire process so that they can feel connected to and proud of the piece of public art that now adorns their streets. “Art transforms. It transforms a space, it transforms a place, and it transforms the people it engages.” says Mia.

Mia hopes that a mural of this scale and quality will continue to raise the bar for public art in Marquette. “Marquette has always seemed like it’s been the arts and culture

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Category: Painting/Mural

Medium type: Acrylic

Date created: 2021

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BeWell Building, Marquette, MI, 49855



  • “If you had the power to choose one word that defined the vision you hold for the future of your community, what would it be?”

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