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Explore the artists, events, and projects that make up City of Marquette Art Week 2023. Download the full Art Week magazine here or pick up a copy at the City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center (217 N Front Street, Lower Level of Peter White Public Library)

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Art Week 2023 Kids EventsEnjoy all of these FREE kids art events during Art Week 2023, June 19-24.Some events request

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Home is shelter, nostalgia, heritage, habitat... It is a feeling, it is natural and built place, home can be found, home can be made. Home for some is a nest of safety, while others live in a swirl of uncertainty. What does home mean to you?
Home is our 2023 theme

The City of Marquette Office of Arts & Culture is proud to present Art Week 2023, Monday, June 19 through Saturday, June 24!

City of Marquette Art Week is an annual event that invites local artists, organizations, and businesses to come together and collaborate on a week-long series of arts and cultural programming, including concerts, workshops, performance, exhibits, demonstrations, and more, free to the Marquette community. 

The mission of Art Week is to build and empower a vibrant community through the arts by building partnerships and collaboration between artists and organizations, growing and empowering artists, and promoting audience engagement by removing barriers to participate with the arts.

This year’s Art Week theme is Home. This theme was inspired by the City of Marquette’s ongoing Community Master Plan Update. The Community Master Plan will provide a long-term vision for Marquette and guide the development of our community. What values define Marquette? How do we navigate public spaces and where do we spend our time? What stories do we tell when asked about our time here? How can we improve our community, and what sort of place do we wish to build for our next generations? Art Week projects and events will explore our community’s ideas of Home and how arts and culture can help us envision our future.

The Office of Arts & Culture extends a huge Marquette thank you to the Michigan Arts & Culture Council for their continued support of Art Week and year-round efforts to encourage, initiate, and facilitate an enriched artistic, cultural, and creative environment in Michigan.

Art Week Child Dancing and Butterfly installation at Rosewood

Art Week connects our community through the arts

Through Art Week, we hope to build partnerships & collaborations among the incredible array of creatives and non-creatives residing in Marquette, MI.

Through the cross-disciplinary and “out of the comfort zone” projects created for Art Week, we hope to empower and inspire the creative community to build lasting connections, learn new skills and strive for artistic excellence.

Art Week Inspires fresh eyes on the familiar

Art Week invites us to stumble upon the creations of our own neighbors and friends. Performances of all kinds are often and everywhere throughout the week. Installations and exhibits turn ordinary spaces into a new realm to explore. 

Art Week invites everyone to engage with the arts; to try something new and learn more about our local life through fresh perspectives. Every resident is an audience member during Art Week, creations can be discovered around every corner!

Art Week Dancers and Umbrella installation

Art Week emphasizes accessibility

Art Week ensures that everyone experiences the joy of inspiration. Endless opportunities occur throughout the week for artists and audience to meet in the swirl of creative energy. Art Week events are free to enjoy and are primarily held outdoors in public spaces to maximize approachability.

Art Week welcomes all levels and forms of creatives to engage with their community. Inspired to create? Connect with us and we’ll see how we can best support your big idea!