Marquette Arts and Culture Masterplan

The City of Marquette’s ten-year Arts & Culture Master Plan, approved and incorporated on July 14, 2014, is designed to define the City’s role in supporting arts and culture and the role of arts and culture in accomplishing the City’s broader goals, including its relationship with regional development.

City of Marquette Arts & Culture Master Plan

There were five primary outcomes identified:

  1. Identify cultural assets, needs, and opportunities
  2. Gather input from all major stakeholders
  3. Develop initiatives, goals, and strategies
  4. Define roles for the City Department and Advisory Committee
  5. Recommend a 10-year master arts and culture plan
Two major initiatives arose out of the Master Planning process, including:
  1. The City’s commitment to supporting a robust cultural life and creative economy with an empowered arts and culture office is critical for a vibrant, engaged, and sustainable community.
    1. Retain and reframe the City’s role in supporting arts and culture
    2. Support an active, engaged community of healthy, lifelong learners
    3. Ensure an attractive, supportive, and sustainable environment for artists and creative businesses
  2. A regional partnership that fosters communication and collaboration across the Marquette area’s arts, culture, and creative sector will increase the contribution and value of the Marquette area’s creative assets.
    1. Develop collaborative marketing and promotional efforts that incorporate the breadth of culture and creativity in the Marquette area
    2. Establish a formal Marquette Area Culture and Creative Alliance
    3. Foster an integrated strategy for community festivals and celebrations
    4. Continue to engage the public in dialogue about the future of arts and culture in the Marquette area
    5. Establish comprehensive talent development, attraction, and retention plan
    6. Integrate economic development planning for arts, culture, creative enterprise, and heritage

As we reach the conclusion of this ten-year Master Plan, the City of Marquette Office of Arts & Culture is eager to revisit these goals and set new ones as we look ahead into the 2030s. 

Input from local artists, arts and culture organizations, and the public will be an invaluable piece of this, so stay tuned!