Trailhead Holistic Health Collective

Trailhead Holistic Health Collective

Dharmini Robertson, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Therapist
Owner of Coldwater Haven, LLC Ayurvedic Health & Yoga Therapy

Dharmini Robertson offers Ayurvedic practice and yoga therapy to people with physical issues such as chronic pain, post rehabilitation, cancer, and other physical challenges. Additionally, she has developed a unique approach to working through life stress using the principles of yoga. Her highly personalized and practical approach makes her private sessions popular.

To make an appointment with Dharmini, call or text her directly at 906-251-0032 or schedule online at

Specialization: Chronic Pain and Post Illnes recovery, reconnecting to life, rebalancing the body after illness or injury.
Marc Weinrick, Registered Acupuncturist and Clinical Bodyworker​​​​​​​​​
​Owner of MQT Acupuncture and Bodywork​

With more than ten years experience as an acupuncturist, bodyworker, herbalist, and Tai Chi instructor, Marc has become dedicated to the moderation and relief of all pain related conditions, without the use of surgery or drugs.

Every painful condition leaves a trail of clues to its origin. Let me serve as your guide to discover the root cause of your dysfunction, and together we will find a lasting resolution as quickly as possible.

For a free consultation or to make an appointment with Marc, call him directly at 773-318-9973. You can also find out more about Marc’s practice on his website:


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