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IMPORTANT:  IF YOUR EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED, please keep your event on the site as-is and simply add a prefix to your title that says “CANCELED.”

IF YOUR EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED, please revise your event to reflect the new date(s), and add a notice in the Event Summary and/or Description that your event was originally scheduled for DATE, but has been postponed to DATE. 

We want to make sure to keep the public informed to the status of your event. Thank you!

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NOTE: Please check to make sure your organization profile is not already listed in our organization directory before submitting a new one. If it is, please contact us at the email below so we can associate your user account to the org profile.


Submission Guidelines

Location: Events must take place in Marquette County.

Lead Time: We request that events be submitted at least two to four weeks prior to the event’s start date. If we receive your event info less than two weeks in advance, we cannot guarantee that your event will be posted.  All events will be submitted to the site by tech support within 24 hours of admission.

Events Images: In order for your event to be considered for featuring, we must have an professional-quality promotional image to display with your listing. A single image may be uploaded along with your event listing. Images must be in .JPG or .PNG format ONLY and no larger than 1 megabyte with a required minimum of 400 x 400 pixels to display. Depending on the size of your image and connection speed to the Internet, the upload process may take up to several minutes – please be patient. Once received, your image will be formatted for display.

If you need assistance, please contact: