2023 City of Marquette Art Week

2023 THEME: HOME What does home mean to you? Is it a place, or a feeling? Is it something that you find, or something that you make? What makes Marquette feel like Home? What could make it feel more like Home? We encourage you to think creatively about how the arts can articulate what Home means to you and the community we share.

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The theme of home is inspired by the City of Marquette’s ongoing Community Master Plan Update. The Community Master Plan will provide a long-term vision for Marquette and guide the development of our community. What values define Marquette? How do we navigate public spaces and where do we spend our time? What stories do we tell when asked about our time here? How can we improve our community, and what sort of place do we wish to build for our next generations? Art Week projects and events will explore our community’s ideas of Home and how arts and culture can help us envision our future.

ART WEEK MISSION: The mission of Art Week is to build and empower a vibrant community through the arts through facilitating partnerships, empowering and showcasing our creative community, and enhancing and expanding audience engagement.

Public Choice Winner: Gene Bertram

Local artist Gene Bertram’s oil painting of the Ore Dock’s interior will be featured on the cover of the Art Week 2023 printed event booklet and guide. This publication will be a full-color booklet that will be widely distributed as an event guide, host to an assortment of articles, and a summer event calendar.
*cover depicted is a draft.