Oct 09 - 29 2021
Featured Artist: Pokey Da Bear

Featured Artist: Pokey Da Bear

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October Guest Artist at Wintergreen Hill Gallery: Pokey Da Bear


Artist Statement:

Art should really be about the Art and not the person, however, it was requested I make a Bio.

Hi, I’m Pokey Da Bear. I’m a recovering alcoholic, bipolar person. That enjoys making art in a world where everyone else seems obsessed with things like money and time. (Both of those are completely made up Social Constructs.) I’ve been fighting my whole life for happiness and I’ve found that the only time I’m at peace is when I’m painting. The world could be going up in smoke, but art makes us forget all the fire out there and reminds us of the beauty we once knew. Art is one of our separators in the animal kingdom, it proves the idea that we are intelligent humans. Art is the only heart some of us ever have. Given the history of art I must finish with this, personally, all that matters at the end of the day is that I helped someone else smile, because I don’t really smile enough and I just want everyone around me to be happy; this life is too short for anything other than true unadulterated happiness. It’s free to be kind and it’s free to smile, both help us together as a society to move forward without leaving any soul behind.

Dates & Times

2021/10/09 - 2021/10/29

Location Info

Wintergreen Hill

810 N 3rd St