Last Letters / No Regrets - Professional Writing Services

Last Letters / No Regrets - Professional Writing Services

Last Letters/No Regrets seeks to promote healing and remembrance through writing.

It began with a request from a young parent who was dying. Knowing she would miss graduations, weddings, and births, she wanted to leave love letters for her family to enjoy when these future happy events unfolded.

As a result of this experience, I am motivated to help others find emotional and spiritual closure in their lives through writing. Last Letters/No Regrets is designed to address the needs of people who want to express themselves on paper, but need help getting the letter or project started.

Your personal endeavor can be about you, a relative or friend, an occurrence in your life, a piece of history that intersects with your family’s life, or an unresolved issue you want to unpack and heal. My job is to be a cheerleader, editor, and ghostwriter so you produce a meaningful document.

Past projects include:

Letters to loved ones
Heritage, or legacy projects
Eulogy of a loved one
Family narrative
Historical timeline of a family
Ancestral review of a relative
Journal entry
Your motivation can be as a family historian, a loving friend or relative, or a personal healing project that results in the preservation of a memory, piece of family history, or relationship.

As a writer and marketing specialist, I have designed and maintained content for websites, magazines, advertisements, various professional continuing education courses, and all manner of print and digital media. I’ve created

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