Nominate for the NEW Arts Innovation Award

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Nominate for the NEW Arts Innovation Award




The City of Marquette Office of Arts & Culture welcomes the community to nominate individuals for the NEW Arts Innovation Award. Inspired in partnership with the Innovate Marquette Smartzone, it is apparent that recognition is required for those who think outside the box and take risks in their process. After a quarter century of honoring our creative community, the 25th Annual City of Marquette Art Awards will be a step towards shaping our City’s Arts and Culture through tradition, innovation, and collaboration.

The Arts Innovation Award recognizes individuals who have exceptional creative thinking in their work and shown evidence of expansion in their perspectives and practice. Nominees should have demonstrated new methods, use of new technology, unique collaboration, unexpected use of materials, and develop new processes and collaborations that foster inclusivity and diversity.

The innovation award is open to traditional and contemporary artists of all mediums and forms; or could recognize an individual or business that purposefully incorporated artists or creative techniques to their process or product design.

– Non-residents of the City may be nominated, so long as they have made significant contributions to the arts in Marquette
– All nominations are anonymous
– Please be as thorough as possible when nominating, being sure to include specific accomplishments, contributions, background, and other important context to inform the jury’s decision.
– The compete list of 2022 Art Award winners can be found on the Art Awards Homepage:

Award recipients are honored annually at a special ceremony and reception. This year’s ceremony is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, October 8th at the Masonic Center in Downtown Marquette. More information about the ceremony will be announced at a later date.

NOMINATE HERE: ARTS INNOVATION AWARD – City of Marquette 25th Annual Art Awards Nomination Form (

The deadline to nominate is Tuesday, September 6th.
For more information or questions, please contact the City of Marquette Office of Arts and Culture 906-228-0472 or